Featured Call of the Month

Ron Davis
Spencer, OH

Laminated calls are a beautiful art form, that requires the ability of a master craftsman to showcase several different types of wood into one call. Ron has been making some amazing laminated calls the past several years that are highly sought after by collectors. Ron's laminated calls are exquisitely crafted to show how several unique woods can come together into one beautiful design when finished. Job well done Ron and congratulations on being the September call of the month!

President's Note

   I hope your summer is going well.  There are lots of fantastic shows going on this summer.  I hope you are able to attend a show if it is in your area.  Here are the events:
  Point Mouilee Waterfowl Contest, September 16-17th in Brownstown, Michigan
  Southern Illinois Hunt & Fish days - September 23rd & 24th, Carterville, IL
  Reelfoot Gathering, October 6-8th in Samburg, Tennessee
   If you haven't heard, CCAA member Gary Chambers discovered the location of the grave site of Charles Grubbs (1848-1933).  The site is an unmarked grave, so Gary is leading an effort to procure a memorial to mark the resting place of this pioneer in the duck call world.  In the next CCAA newsletter, you will be able to read about the journey Gary has been on.  Let's all pitch in and help Gary on his quest.  If you would like to contribute to the efforts, Gary has a GoFundMe campaign launched here:

It's time to start working on articles for the September edition of the newsletter.  If you would like to submit an article or some pictures to be in this newsletter, fill out the following form and it will be received by our Editor Eric Nelson. submit article link


Brian Byers


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