2006 Results

2006 Working Call Contest Results
Reelfoot Lake, TN - Sept. 30, 2006.

Best of Show - Lyle Benjamin,
(based on the best sounding call out of the 3 first place calls)
The 10 highest scores in each Division are listed. A perfect score would be 288.


Metal Reed Call Division
1st place John Lipscomb 172 points
2nd place John Lipscomb 155 points

Wood Call Division
1st place Lyle Benjamin 208 points
2nd place Matthews Custom Calls 203 points
3rd place Brad Samples 196 points
4th place Bob Wiseman 194 points
5th place Jim Chamberland 192 points
6th place (tie) Jim Dester 187 points
6th place (tie) Brad Samples 187 points
7th place Ronnie Turner 186 points
8th place Bob Allen 184 points
9th place (tie) Ken Hubbard 183 points
9th place (tie) Ron Dowda 183 points
9th place (tie) Reid Threadgill 183 points
10th place Bob Allen 182 points

Acrylic Call Division
1st place Bob Wiseman 215 points
2nd place Matthews Custom Calls 214 points
3rd place Brian Phillips 212 points
4th place (tie) Jim Dester 208 points
4th place (tie) Matthews Custom Calls 208 points
5th place Bob Wiseman 201 points
6th place Brad Samples 194 points
7th place Jeff Eagle 181 points
8th place Jim Chamberlin 179 points
9th place Wade Carpenter 172 points
10th place Jim Dester 167 points
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