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Profile - Callmakers and Collectors Association of America.

   On Friday, September 11, 1987 an informal gathering of 32 of the country's foremost callmakers and collectors met to create an organization to promote interest in and exchange information about this truly unique form of American folk art.

     With little debate and much enthusiasm these 32 people quickly organized themselves into a cohesive group and voted to associate themselves to further promote interest and knowledge of the history of game callmaking and collecting in the United States.

     It was decided that an annual meeting and show would be held and to conduct a call auction and contest and encourage members to set up exhibits and displays of calls and collections. At our annual meeting and various festivals, trade and display tables will be available to display collections, and new or old calls for sale or barter. Many old acquaintances will be renewed and many new ones formed. Much information and knowledge of game calls and their makers will be exchanged.

     A quarterly newsletter is published. Collectors and collections are to be featured as well as callmakers both living and deceased. Members will be encouraged to submit information on some feature of their collection or a particular favorite call and the history behind it. One section of the newsletter will be used to list and announce forthcoming decoy shows, wildlife art and other collector shows, calling contests and any happening (events) that may prove valuable to call collectors or makers. The editor needs input from all members, so please help by sending your stories and items of interest to the editor and/or secretary.

     These 32 members have grown to over 300 today, and our membership extends an invitation to all persons interested in game calls to join the association and to spread the word among your friends and associates to be part of this long standing effort to present the interests of game callmakers and collectors to the American public. We welcome you to be a part of the nation's premier organization for callmaking and collecting!

32 Founding Members

Howard Harlan, Nashville, TN 
Robert Christensen, Mt. Prospect, IL 
Jack Wilson, Flushing, MI 
Bob Gerat, Trenton, MI 
Vitus Barre, Little Rock, AK 
Ray Wright, Portage, IN 
Randy Moorehead, Winchester, TN 
Brian McGrath, Plano, TX 
Buddy Duke, Springfield, TN 
Gary VanKirk, Swartz Creek, MI 
John Braun, Kansas City, MO 
Tom Baskin, Winchester, TN 
Kim Clay, Rochester, IN 
Gary Krull, Montrose, MI 
Robert Hill, Wyandotte, MI 
Ed Bennett, Hobart, IN 
Mike McLemore, Huntington, TN 
Jim Hill, Taylor, MI 
Ken Martin, Olive Branch, IL 
Sam Cox, Gaffney, SC 
Johnny Weiss, Chandlerville, IL 
Rick Kagerer, Flint, MI 
Tom Cox, Portage, IN 
James Dean, Bloomfield Hills, MI 
Mike Pahl, Columbus, OH 
Jimmy Hunt, Port Jefferson, NY 
Jack Morris, Doylestown, PA 
Gary Rieker, Princeton, IL 
Mike Rieker, Alma, MI 
Roy Hudson, Wading River, NY 
Mick Lacy, Dunlap, IL 
Kip Smith, Dearborn Heights, MI
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