Featured Call of the Month

Jeremiah Cluesman
Bybee, TN
 Jeremiah is known for his beautifully hand crafted duck calls, but his talent doesn't just stop there.  He also creates some wonderful works of art in turkey calls as well.  February 14th - 18th is when the NWTF holds their Grand National Call Making Competition, where some of the best fancy calls are on display in Nashville, TN at the Opryland Hotel. It is a sight to be seen in person because of the spectacular display of call making talent under one roof.  You can see calls like this one, as well as countless other amazing calls at this contest. Jeremiah continues to expand his creativity into each call that he makes, and you will always be impressed with his calls. Job well done Jeremiah and congratulations on being the February call of the month! 
President's Note

   The 42nd Annual NWTF Grand National Call Competition just wrapped up.  Some of the best sounding and looking hand made Turkey, Duck and Goose calls were on display at this contest.  In total, there were 1047 duck, goose, and turkey calls entered in the contest.  The amount of talent showcased was just incredible.  Congrats to Brad Samples for winning the Decorative Waterfowl Division Best of Show, and to Mike Stelzner for winnng the Hunting Waterfowl Division Best of Show.  They were some amazing calls!
   In April, the Midwest Decoy Collectors Association has their show at St.Charles, Illinois.  That is where the CCAA has their Fancy Call contest.  The dates for this years show are April 24th-28th.  Come out and check all of the fantastic calls to be seen.  Hope to see you at the show!
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Brian Byers


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