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CCAA Officers and Staff

If you have questions or a comment, please use this chart to contact the correct individual who can help you.
President Travis Ward(xxx) xxx-xxxxContact
Vice-PresidentChris Hare(251) 714-0222Contact
SecretaryEric Hoschek(309) 337-8441Contact
TreasurerRick Kagerer(810) 241-5589Contact
Call Collecting & General InformationBrian Byers(309) 360-2063Contact
Fancy Call Contest CoordinatorBrian Byers(309) 360-2063Contact
Working Call Contest CoordinatorRyan Doering(763) 807-2838Contact
Web SiteBrian Byers(309) 360-2063Contact
Membership ChairmanEric Hoschek(309) 337-8441Contact
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