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The CCAA has been publishing newsletters for over 30 years!  A benefit of being a CCAA member, is that you have access to all of the digital copies of the past newsletters once you are signed into the website.  Below is a listing of the Call Makers that have been featured in each edition of the the CCAA newsletter.  If you are curious about learning of a call maker, find their name below and the edition of the newsletter, and then log into the website to open up that copy of the newsletter to read about them. 

1988 Newsletters
Collectors Chronicle 1                             Collectors Chronicle 2                         February
Art Beauchamp                                        Johnny Marsh/Larry Hickerson           Warner Wiles
Rick Kagerer                                            Howard Harlan                                    Billy Starks

1989 Newsletters
September                                            December
Ray Wright                                            Jack Wilson
Frank Testo                                           John Alexander "Sandy" Morrow

1990 Newsletters
March                                                     Fall                                            Winter
Ken Martin                                              Robert Zirkle                             Glodo Family
Ralph True                                              Dahrl Wright                             Tom McMahon
                                                                Jerry Reed

1991 Newsletters
Winter                                                     Spring                                        Summer                                    Fall
Mark Weedman                                      Tom Weigel                               Sam Cox                                   WE "Buck" Boyd
Catlett Darnell                                                                                           Oscar Quam                             Gled A "Bog" Pettibon
                                                                                                                  Roy Rhodes

1992 Newsletters
Winter                                                     Spring                                        Summer                                    Fall
Barry McFarland                                     Alvin Taylor                                Claud Howard Amaden            Donald G Priebe
B.C. "Bill" Dowdle                                                                                      Roseberry Family                     Gene Parish

1993 Newsletters
Winter                                                     Spring                                        Summer                                    Fall
Fred Weeks                                            Harry Edwards                                                                            Claude Stone
Jerry & Kelly Weatherford                      Kent Freeman                                                                              Clyde Morris Spencer
                                                               Joe Lares                                                                                     Jimmy Riddell

1994 Newsletters
Winter                                                     Spring                                        Summer                                    Fall
Bog Pettibon                                           William Spaulding                      Boyce R "Doc" Taylor               MC "Shoe" Shoemaker
Dick Stewart                                            James Yule                               Grady Demoss Taylor               John Asbille
Frank Heidelbauer                                                                                                                                       George "Sam" Spiegel
                                                                                                                                                                     Paul Dudley "Dud" Faulk
1995 Newsletters
Winter                                                     Spring                                        Summer                                    Fall
                                                                Walter Stanhouse                      Cochran Family                        Roy Dunning
                                                                Delaney Kinchen                        Ray Sutphin                             Buck Gardner
                                                                Ron Wieneke

1996 Newsletters
Winter                                                     Spring                                        Summer                                    Fall
Andy Bowles                                           William J Walker                        EP "Ed" St.Mary                       Robert "Bob" Gerat
HW "Bill" Willis                                        Lewis Vincent                            Bell Tedford Sr                          Tom Turpin
Carl Lousan                                            ML Lynch                                                                                     JL Melancon
                                                               Allen Jenkins                                                                                Sherman "Gabby" Robertson

1997 Newsletters
Winter                                                     Spring                                        Summer                                    Fall
James Tillman "JT" Beckhart                 Robert E "Emmett" Searcy         J&M Manufacturing Co            Clem Blackburn
Dick Abner                                             Donald D "Dan" Searcy              Clarence Huffman                    Justin H "Sonny" Bashore
Marty Hanson                                        Justin H "Sonny" Bashore          William R "Bill" Rogers
                                                              Hoosier Call Company                James Swiney Rayfiled
                                                              Cecil Fry                                      Walter Winterbottom
                                                                                                                  Chris Faulkner
                                                                                                                  Red Boyett
1998 Newsletters
Winter                                                     Spring                                        Summer                                    Fall
E. Stanton Stofer                                    Herb Hornstra                            Andy McEntire                          Grover Johnson
John "Pete" Pulley                                  Herter's Crow Call                     Roy Richardson                        Charles Perdew
                                                                Barry McFarland                       Doc Hull

1999 Newsletters
Winter                                                     Spring                                        Summer                                    Fall
Lee Otis "Tom" Owens                           Gilbert E Coen                           Ole Rasmussen:Mallardtone    Chick Major
Jacob "Jake" Grass                                OK "Pop" Pickle                         Gene Parrish                            Johnny Marsh
                                                                Kent Freeman                                                                             Stuart Fincher

2000 Newsletters
Winter                                                     Spring                                        Summer                                    Fall
Dan Crooks                                            Larry Hearn                                John Spurgin        
Gerald Howard                                       Philip S Olt                                 Doug Camp
Paul Englund                                          Biff Morgan
Larry Hearn/Parker Whedon

2001 Newsletters
Winter                                                     Summer                                      Fall                                           Winter
Niles Oesterle                                         George Herter                            David Gaston                            Walter A Houghton
Fletch Walther                                        TZ Williams                                 Jena, Louisiana Callmakers      Sam Spiegel
                                                                                                                        Doyle "Sonny" Bignar          HJ Jarris
                                                                                                                        Doyle Breland                      Albert Doyle Bignar
                                                                                                                        Paul Curtis Breland              William "Red" Meucci
                                                                                                                        Frank Corley                         Steve Cortopassi
                                                                                                                        James Yule                          Bill Dowlde
                                                                                                                        Joshua Curtis Breland
2002 Newsletters
Winter                                                     Spring                                        Fall                                           Fall/Winter
Crest Wilson                                           David Tucker                             Dud Faulk                                Rickard O Abner
Charlie Bishop                                        Mike Nelson                              Jeff Foiles                                 Charlie Bishop
Kenneth L Martin                                    Frank Heidelbauer                     Robert Reeves
                                                                                                                  David Tucker
2003 Newsletters
Winter/Spring                                          Spring/Summer                          Fall                                        
Joseph Cecil Shofner                              Jerry Billy Pendergist                Ron Short
Duane and Gary Cobert                          Fred Hinkel                               Neil Cost
Tom Dennison

2004 Newsletters
Winter/Spring                                         Summer                                       Fall
Dwayne Worley                                      Ralph Jensen                              John S Yasger
Stacy Vernon Higley                              Dave Jackson                              Johnny Marsh/Larry Hickerson
Jo Harwell Willingham                           J.O. Looney Jr                              Dan Searcy
                                                                                                                    Mike McLemore

2005 Newsletters
Winter                                                     Spring/Summer                            Summer/Fall                          Fall/Winter
Walt Schauer                                          Eddy Anderson                            Pat Walsh                              Tom Turpin
Don Hawkins                                          Cecil Wellborn                                                                            Gene Upward
Jack Wilson                                                                                                                                                William Iserloth
Tom May                                                                                                                                                    Dennis Poeschel
Tony DeMarchi                                                                                                                                          Dave Constantine

2006 Newsletters
Winter                                                    Spring/Summer                             Summer                                    Fall
Steve Boyles                                          Bob Williams                                 Fred A Allen                             Scott Martholomew                         
Billy Hayes                                             Alan McKay                                                                                    Billy Ray Starks
Mike Fixter
Don & Sarah Clark

2007 Newsletters
Winter                                                     Spring                                        Summer                                    Fall
Joe Bucher                                             Jim Dester                                 Beryl Driskill                              Bill Baskette
                                                               Bruce Wurth                                                                                PS Olt Crow Call
                                                               Jack Wright
2008 Newsletters
Spring                                                    Summer                                    Fall
Doyle Breland                                        Charles Perdew                        Robert Sims
EE Montegomery                                                                                    Bill Donegan
Pat Petty                                                                                                 Joseph Howard Broussard
                                                                                                                John Nemitz

2009 Newsletters
Winter                                                     Spring                                        Summer                                    Fall
James "Gene" Korando                          Dennis Poeschel                       Boyd Martin                              Dud Faulk & AM Bowles
Alfred Gene Parish                                                                                   Jack Wright                               William R Clifford
Scott Simmons                                                                                                                                           Joe Carey
David Ryan Lowery                                                                                                                                    George Barto

2010 Newsletters
Winter                                                     Spring                                        Summer                                    Fall
Johnnie Cochran                                    Chas Bishop                                                                                Butch Richenback
Leonard Robertson                                Johnny Marsh                                                                              Patrick T Tully
James "Gene" Korando                         Catlett Darnell                                                                             Chick Majors
Gene Parish                                                                                                                                               Charlie Hess

2011 Newsletters
Winter                                                     Spring                                        Summer                                    Fall
Everett Balderidge                                  Terry Norris                               Barry McFarland                       Homer Hooks
Dwight Thomas                                       Sanford "Bud" Tyler                  Charles Perdew                        Frank A Becherer
Ralph Jensen                                          Herb Ohley                               
                                                                Joe Jaroski    

2012 Newsletters
Spring                                                    Summer                                      Fall
Frank A Becherer                                  Mark Kluesner                            Scott Kinney
                                                              J.J. Koehler
                                                              Terry Norris

2013 Newsletters
Winter                                                     Spring                                        Summer                                    
Lowell Estes Polston                              Roseberry Family                      J.T. Beckhart
Gene Parrish                                          William Robert Bailey                John Spotts
                                                               Mike Pahl                                  Don Bald
                                                                                                                 Ron Dowda

2014 Newsletters
Winter                                                     Spring                                        Summer                                       Fall
Sonny Bashore                                       Frederick WIlliam Jolly              Isadore J Podner                          Ken Jones
John Asbille                                            Gary D Cichocki                        Charles Henry "Chick" Meade      Ira Green Ferguson
John "Johnny Bill" William Weiss                                                             Don Bald                                       Eric Nelson

2015 Newsletters
Winter                                                     Spring                                        Fall
Billy Ray Starks                                      Paul Kingyon                             Neil Cost
John C. Duryea                                                                                        Raymond Wright
                                                                                                                 Harry Milton "Butch" Richenback

2016 Newsletters
Winter                                                     Spring                                        Summer                                    Fall
Wes Townzen                                         Herb Ohley                                 Harry Asolphus Mansker          Buddy Duke
                                                                                                                                                                    Brad Wilsted
                                                                                                                                                                    Weldon Tyree "Ty" Black

2017 Newsletters
Jan/Feb/Mar                                            Apr/May/Jun                               July/Aug/Sep                          Oct/Nov/Dec
Fred Weeks                                             Harold J. Broninga                     Billy Hays                                Mike Houlihan
George Ziano                                          Brian Meyer                                Perry Hooker                           Charles Grubbs
Dennis Bumpus                                       Benny Floyd
William Roy Spiller                                  Charles Grubbs

2018 Newsletters
Jan/Feb/Mar                                            Apr/May/Jun                               July/Aug/Sep                          Oct/Nov/Dec
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