2011 Results

We had a good contest this year with 28 makers entering 60 calls. I would like to thank the volunteers that helped with the contest. The callers were Tommy Hall, Ronnie Turner, Austin Davidson, and Brian Phillips. the Judges were Roger Lavers, James Bennett, and Brad Coffey. Brian Byers served as scorekeeper with assistance from Zach Sutton. Billy Hays was the "call master".

The calls were classified in four categories; metal reed, natural wood, acrylic, and open classes. The judges' scored each call in five areas - hail call, feed call, comeback call, quacks, and overall tone.

The division winners were awarded to the call with the highest combined total score, tie scores were broken by a tie breaker system starting with the hail call score. The four division winners were again presented to the judges by Ronnie Turner to determine the Best of Show call and maker.

First place calls judged for Best of Show

Acrylic call - Best of Show - Benny Marney 138
Open call - Bob Hayes 133
Natural Wood call - Ron Gould 132
Metal Reed call - Jim Bugg 124


Contestants and scores by division:

Metal Reed Natural Wood Acrylic Open
Jim Bugg 114 Ron Gould 133 Benny Marney 130 Bob Hayes 123
Jim Bugg 112 Ron Dowda 126 Travis Bone 124 Brian Byers 119
Bernie Forte 110 Ron Dowda 126 Bob Wiseman 123 Travis Bone 119
Billy Hays 106 Albert Thibedeaux 121 Brad Samples 121 David L Mitchell 118
Bob Wiseman 105 David L Mitchell 121 Ron Gould 120 John Keopp 109
Scott Simmons 101 Brad Samples 121 David L Mitchell 118 Travis Bone 109
Bernie Forte 97 Wes Townzen 118 Jack Lewis 114 David Q Mitchell 100
Benny Floyd 92 Scott Simmons 118 Jim Bugg 113 Joe Kolter 98
Scott Simmons 89 Zach Sutton 117 Jim Bugg 110  
Randy Stoeber 87 Brian Byers 117 Billy Hays 109  
  Travis Bone 115 Travis Bone 104  
  Brian Byers 111 Jack Lewis 102  
  Brad Samples 110 David L Mitchell 100  
  Jason Rode 109 Joe Kolter 99  
  Billy Hays 108 John Koepp 98  
  Benny Floyd 108 John Koepp 92  
  Ron Gould 107    
  David Q Mitchell 102    
  Joe Kolter 101    
  Danny Bignar 94    
  Bob Wiseman 91    
  Jim Dester 90    
  Danny Bignar 85    
  Cliff Jennings 83    
  Jack Lewis 78    

Thanks to all the contestants for their participation. Bob Wiseman

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