2012 Contest Results

Fancy Call Contest 2012

The 2012 event featured 48 calls from 22 callmakers. The consensus among those in attendance was that this was one of the most impressive displays of call art that we have had entered at St. Charles. Many thanks to those that volunteered their time to help with the judging and scorekeeping.

Looking ahead to 2013, Kevin Poeschel will be organizing and conducting the event. We have organized a committee of volunteers to review the rules and classifications for next years contest. This is being done to clear any confusion determining the proper class for an entry. It has been several years since the rules were reviewed, modern tooling, equipment and techniques have prompted this action. As for the Reelfoot Lake Working Call contest, Brian Phillips has agreed to serve as the coordinator for that event. It was suggested at the business meeting that the duties for these contests be split regionally in order to help with personal travel costs. We need to thank both of these individuals for their interest and commitment to the CCAA.

This years Best of Show selection was a carved call from the Professional Class by callmaker Brian Meyer.

2012 Scoring summary. Tie-breaker in parentheses.


Special Awards
Best of Show Brian Meyer
Presidents Award Kevin Poeschel
Design Award Don Bald
Best of Class - Professional Brian Meyer
Merit Award - Professional Kevin Poeschel
Master Class
1st place Jim Dester Score=141
2nd place Jim Dester Score=140
Professional Carved / Natural Division
1st place
Best of Class
Best of Show
Brian Meyer Score=144 (30,30)
2nd place Brad Samples Score=144 (30,28)
  Wes Townzen Score=140
Presidents Award
Merit Award
Kevin Poeschel Score=133
  Ron Dowda Score=132
  Ron Dowda Score=124
  Ron Dowda Score=121
  Scott Merchant Score=119
  Brad Wilsted Score=113
  Ron Dowda Score=112
Professional Checkered Division
1st place Wes Townzen Score=139
2nd place Bob Wiseman Score=133
Professional Laminated Division
1st place Dennis Bumpus Score=135
2nd place Dennis Bumpus Score=131
Professional Miniature Division
1st place Brad Samples Score=135
2nd place Jason Jenkins Score=126
  Brian Byers Score=122
Professional Open Division
1st place
Design Award
Don Bald Score=139 (29)
2nd place Brad Wilsted Score=139 (28)
  Doug Rice Score=128
  Scott Merchant Score=118
Professional Matched Set Division
1st place Bob Wiseman Score=100


Special Awards
Best of Class - Amateur Brian Byers
Merit Award - Amateur Brian Byers
Amateur Carved / Natural Division
1st place Benjamin Lyle Score=131
2nd place
Merit Award
Brian Byers Score=125
  Brian Byers Score=117
  Jason Jenkins Score=102
  Sharon Forte Score=102
  Bill Peters Score=84
  Danny Bignar Score=84
  Bill Peters Score=68
Amateur Checkered Division
1st place
Best of Class
Brian Byers Score=138
2nd place Brian Byers Score=117
  Danny Bignar Score=106
Amateur Laminated Division
1st place Mark Burger Score=135
2nd place Bernie Forte Score=113
Amateur Miniature Division
1st place Leo Othmer Score=113
2nd place Leo Othmer Score=92
Amateur Open Division
1st place Brian Byers Score=135
2nd place Bernie Forte Score=109
  Terry Norris Score=99
  Jason Jenkins Score=98
  Bill Peters Score=86
Amateur Matched Set Division
1st place Mark Burger Score=127
2nd place Brian Byers Score=126
  Bill Peters Score=82
  Leo Othmer Score=80
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