Vintage Call Photo Gallery 2

Photographs and call information provided by Len Guldman
CCAA President 2008-2009

Charles Perdew, Ill., Carved crow call, carved miniature, carved crown stopper. Clyde Hancock, Ark., checkered. Victor Glodo, Ill and TN., Father of the checkered duck call.
Ira Green Ferguson, Ark., Checkered Reelfoot style call. Pop Pickle, Ark, Sundown Cochran, Tn., Small and large version of checkered calls.
Beckhart, Checkered and smooth barreled versions. Tom Turpin, Tn., Checkered Bakelite, Earliest known checkered, wooden checkered, Later checkered version. Jo Willingham, Ark., Checkered version stamped "JO MADE IT"
HERTERS Factory calls from the 1940's. Crow call with metal label and Duck call with metal label.    
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