Vintage Call Photo Gallery 4

Photographs and call information provided by Mic Middleton

Oscar Alford, Beardstown, IL 1883-1962 - Very rare call as he did not make many calls or sell any. Most were given away to family and friends. Jack Cross, DuQuoin, IL 1882-1962 - The call on the left is a duck and the call of the right is a goose call. The duck call is a glodo style and very rare. Most of his calls were the classic Arkansas (DuQuoin) style calls. Walter Stanhouse, DuQuoin, IL 1881-1955 - This call is a very rare call. Made in the Glodo style.
Collection of Jerry G. Reed, Elkville, IL 1890-1953 - The call on the far left is a goose call with a ink stamp of J.G. Reed, Elkville, IL $5.00. The other calls are duck calls in different styles.    

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